Best Commercial Painting Tips

Welcome to the home of the professional commercial painting. No building project is complete without a comprehensive exterior painting . Painting is the beautifying factor in any building. Choosing the right paint grade, quality and type is one very important decision that will help determine whether you end up with a beautiful building at the end of the day or not.

You want to have a home that will appear stunning to onlookers and passersby all the time. The paint colours you choose for your home exteriors add the final beautiful touch to your building. As you go through this post, you will learn how to make the most informed colour choices for your exteriors, living rooms and combine the best matching colours to keep your visitors wowed and your neighbours envious. 

When it comes to choosing the right color for your home exteriors, you must take some important factors into consideration. Factors such as climatic conditions of your area and the mood you wish to achieve help determine what colors will be most suitable for your building projects exterior painting . In this post, you will learn the best colors for your exteriors and living rooms, how paint affects your psychology, and vital tips for choosing the right colors. 

Appropriate Colours For Your Exterior Walls 


White is always a sure option because it is clean and can be personalized to blend with any designs and preferences. It is one of the ageless and most popular paint colors for your home exteriors and can add the much-needed elegance and class to your building. 


Blue is a very versatile color with hundreds of shades of blue you can choose from. Blues can be beautifully combined with white to achieve a stunning result around your trims and shutters. If you live in the South, bright vivid blue colors will be the best option for open and bright landscapes. If you live up north, deeper grey to blue shades will be more appropriate for landscapes with evergreen trees and grasses and be a good match for the seasonal weather skies. 

Other very popular paint colours for your exterior designs include cream, yellow, beige, green, brown, and light-hued versions. When choosing your exterior colors, try to keep a few points in mind. Choosing white will make your home stand out from other homes in your neighborhood. Light colors will help reflect the 

rays and heat from the sun and help keep your home cool. So, the colors you choose for your exterior home designs will be solely determined by what you hope to achieve at the end of the day. 

Best Colors For Your Living Room 

Your living room is where you spend the most part of your time at home. It is the single living space in your home that unites every other factor that makes your home a real home. Your living room should be conducive for comfort, leisure, and togetherness. Your paint color of choice can make your living room a place to cool off and feel at peace with yourself and the world. The paint colors you choose will have an overall effect on the mood in your home.

You can decide to make a statement with your living room painting or choose a calm color that will soothe the prevalent mood of your household. Whether you want to give your living room a modern charm or an old fashioned appeal, here are some classic living room colors you can choose from. 


Green stands for renewal and harmony. It is one of the choicest paint colors for your living room because it echoes the aura of nature. Green will always bring a splash of life and freshness to your living room. If you find neutral colors boring, green is an ideal substitute for you. Green has the rare ability to be subtle and fresh at the same time. 


Gray on your living room walls will make your living room feel and look bigger. Gray gives your living room that serene and elegant look. Gray can be suitable for all rooms in your home but looks more sophisticated and elegant in your living room. It is one of the most popular colors for living rooms. 


Blue is the favorite living room color for Americans. A blue living room gives you a sense of calmness whenever you step into your living room to relax. There are several shades of blue color that can match with neutral colors like brown and cream. Blue is a stylish choice if your living room has hardwood floors. 


For interior designers, blue is the go-to neutral. A beige living room is vital for a minimalist look and feel. You can combine your beige with different white shades to achieve a classic stunning effect. Beige for the living room is a very popular option. 


Black cannot be said to be one of the most popular colors for living rooms. Painting black on the walls of your living room will give a dramatic and unexpected effect. You can make a strong statement with your living room black. 

How Colors Affect Your Psychology 

The color you choose for your home decoration and painting can affect your emotions and mood in more ways than you imagine. Different colors evoke different psychological responses. Colors like blue and green can either help you calm down or leave you feeling depressed while colors red, orange and yellow can leave you with a feeling of warmth or aggression. let’s look at these psychological effects of colors in details: 

  • Blue helps you calm down whenever you are agitated. 
  • Yellow enhances your feeling of optimism, happiness, and inspiration. 
  • Purple stimulates your sense of imagination. 
  • Red helps you feel more confident, excited and energetic. 
  • Green is calming and relaxing. Green can also give you a sense of stability and harmony, 
  • Pink gives you a sense of delicacy and tranquillity. 
  • Brown makes you feel secure and comfortable. 
  • Orange gives you a sense of balance, enthusiasm, and vibrancy. 
  • Silver helps you feel motivated and wealthy. 
  • White helps you feel clean, youthful, cool and refreshed. 

Black gives your rooms a sense of power, mystery, and elegance. It can also make you feel sophisticated and ambitious. Too much black can be depressing though, so use it in moderation. 

Gray gives you a classic, elegant look and feel. People who love gray are believed to be disciplined and intelligent. 

Vital Tips For Choosing The Right Colors 

1. Choose your furniture and other decor pieces before choosing your paint color. 

Make researches for popular and eye-catching paint ideas. Once you see about 10 painting ideas, you will be able to decide what is best for your home painting considering the colors you have chosen. 

2.Play With Colors First 

You may want to try the colors you prefer on small portions of your wall to see how they look on your walls and how they reflect colors. Most popular brands have testers you can purchase for a few dollars. You can leave the tester on the wall for about a week for better assessment. 

3. Choose The Right Sheens 

It is important you know the right sheen for your walls. If your walls are flawed, you would want to paint with a little sheen like matte to cover your flaws. For very smooth walls, choose a high sheen paint like satin or semi-gloss. 

Your choice of paints for your interior and exterior walls will determine how beautiful your home looks at the end of the building project more than anything else. Make sure you choose right. If you have no idea what to choose, hire a professional to help you make the right choice. It is important you choose a 

commercial painting company with years of painting experience to help you do a professional job. 

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